Mirror Story

Hundreds of years ago, mirror industries started its first steps in the world of industry.
At that time, the mirrors were made manually, and after several years they began to produce it by machines.

Krystal Glass Mirrors Overview

Over the years, our company has improved the types of the mirrors we use, wherefore KRYSTAL GLASS has become one of the pioneer companies over USA and especially in North Texas.By matching its mirrors materials with high-quality specifications, and meeting our customer desires.

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Mirror Types

With the development of science in the field of light and the manufacture of mirrors, the specialists found many types of mirrors that can be used for different purposes.

Here you can find different types of mirrors and choose what suits your need:

  • Flat mirror: it is a usual mirror; it has a flat surface that does not contain any curvature, which is often made of coated glass. “Used inside houses such as bathroom wall mirrors and inside shops in order to reflect people”.
  • Concave mirror: This mirror made by bending the glass inward in varying proportions as needed, the reflection in this mirror is not real but magnifying. “Used in shave and skin care centers and it’s used by dentists to see the inner parts of the mouth”.

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  •  Convex mirror: Unlike the concave mirror, it is made by bending the glass outside; it reverses images at an angle that is closer to the edge from its focus. The reflection of the image is smaller than the real size “Used in car mirrors and parking lots to enhance visibility”.
  • Two-way mirror: These mirrors are made by coating the glass one-sided with a thin layer that allows the light to pass partially “These mirrors are used in the manufacture of glass windows to block the vision from outside buildings and make it visible to those who are inside; also custom mirrors of this type are made for investigation purposes”.
  •  Silver mirror: There is no difference in terms of glass manufacturing between this mirror and its predecessor, but it is coated with a layer of silver particles because this material has a capacity to reflect the light 100%. “Used as decorative mirrors inside houses and bathrooms”.All of the previous mirror types can be provided by different thickness, dimensions, and shapes (straight, round, oval, curve, and other custom mirrors)

Types Of Mirrors We Cut and Install:

Bathroom Mirrors: Mirrors are a must in the bathroom and we can help you create the perfect mirror for your needs. Well-designed bathroom mirrors are essential when you’re getting ready. They also add to the decor of the room and can even help make a smaller space appear larger. Large or small, framed or unframed, we can create and install bathroom mirrors to your exact dimensions.
Bedroom Mirrors: The bedroom is one of the most common places for mirrors. When you’re preparing for the day, you probably check the mirror in your bedroom more than once. Mirrors have also become a modern way to add design details to your bedroom. We can install freestanding mirrors, wall mirrors or closet door mirrors for your bedroom.
Closet Door Mirrors: Once you’ve dressed, the very next thing you probably do is check yourself out in the mirror. It’s highly convenient to have a mirror on your closet door, right where you need it. Closet door mirrors make for a dramatic design element in a bedroom as well, making the space look larger. Call us for your Sacramento closet door mirror needs today.
Mirror Walls: Mirror walls create a bold, yet sleek effect in any room, and are perfect for gyms and dance studios. If you’re not into clutter on your walls at home, you may want to consider a mirror wall when decorating. It’s a fast way to make your room look bigger, all while serving a functional purpose. If you need a mirror wall installer in Sacramento, contact Glass West.
Framed Mirrors: Framed mirrors are a classic example of combining beauty and function. Whether it’s hanging in an entryway or above a mantel, a framed mirror can make a great focus piece for any room. Have an existing frame fitted with a custom mirror that fits perfectly. Our Sacramento mirror experts can make any size mirror for any size frame.

We guarantee you low price with high quality; KRYSTAL GLASS team will be upon your request to meet your desires.