Rain Glass

Glass is a solid non-crystalline material at cooling temperature and liquid at high temperature.

Lime soda glass, which is made up of 75% silica, sodium oxide, calcium oxide and other components of the most common glass types currently used, is used in industry of windows, dishes, and cups. To get this shape of glass it goes through many stages.

Glass is the most complementary and most widely used element among other similar materials. It is a basic and basic cosmetic element that facilitates a lot of human life. It also increased the creativity and innovation in the field of drawing on glass and the various arts related to glass.

The glass exposed to high temperatures in an ovens that designed to be a mixture of viscous and then is the process of forming by molds or by blowing to make different forms and colors of various glass and the manufacture of all kinds of utensils and household utensils, glass decorations and different types of glass in terms of hardness and durability.
The amount of heat insulation colors transparent or misleading, this is through the introduction of certain materials and installations when it is manufactured to give the desired result according to certain specifications.

Rain Glass Carrollton

The Rain Glass is the basic type of glass that is in the form of flat plates and enters the manufacture of double weather resistant windows.
After adding some of the materials that work to be cohesive to become more solid, so entered the manufacture of windows of cars for the safety, security, strength and not to break down quickly.

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