What do you think about Mirror?

World of the mirror is amazing and beautiful. It’s scary how mirror lives with us as the companion of the age, day by day whatever the situation is.
About 8000 years ago, human society defined “mirrors”, albeit in a primitive way.

Now, in our time, they are part of our daily routines through our physical and psychological attitudes.

It isn’t a surprise to know that mirrors are an essential element in the Arab mystical heritage, in which the symbolism of the mirror is associated with woman beauty.

Mirrors are one of the obsolete tools of daily humans use. It is associated with many myths and legends, as well as many unknown facts.

Mirrors History and Story

Glass mirror first appeared in Rome. The known mirrors to us have its first appeared in the Middle Ages, and it was convex and have dark surfaces
The mirrors were given tremendous charismatic power, in the past man sought to look to the future.

Mirrors were used in many countries of the ancient world in the field of divination and astrology.

Parasails was the first to arrive at a self-interpretation of the phenomenon of mirrors, he thought mirrors were a tunnel between two worlds: the physical world and the hidden world, through which the information of other worlds is conveyed to us.
This energy affects the human psyche through hallucinations, and sometimes nightmares. As a result of the belief that mirrors are tunnels between two worlds, the habits of many peoples of the world require the coverage of mirrors if the home is dead Where it is believed that through this “open window on the other world” the spirit of the dead can pull the soul of a living person.

According to the beliefs of many peoples, and in order to avoid calamities and sorrows, it is forbidden to eat, drink, sleep or fight in front of the mirror. It is also recommended not to hang mirrors in front of the dining table, in children’s rooms or in front of doors. If the mirror is broken, don’t look at it.

Memory mirror, some scientists confirm that mirrors contain “memory”, so that the old mirrors can store the positive energy, but it also works to store negative energy and broadcast it to humans. The mirrors are witnesses to our relationship to reality, as some mirrors radiate positive energy, some negative, depending on the type of events reflected in it, that took place in front of them.

Some advice only for you

The scientists said its recommended to look at the mirror only when the mood of a person is good, because of the good and intensive background through the mirror are able to remove depression and bring reconciliation.

The specialists advised of cleaning the mirror continuously is good in the field of mental energy and then after you move the candle in front of the mirror in order to get rid of the ideas and emotions and negative energy that may be stored Inside.