Clear Glass

Glass has been used since the second millennium BC, its used in glassware, windows, ornaments, etc.
The glass was completed later by others and began to be developed in the way of use, production methods, and industry.

Where did glass come from?

Glass is defined as a solid material in which atoms are distributed randomly at equal distances, making them non-crystalline, fused at a very high temperature and converted to a solid state when cooled. This material is also brittle and transparent. Not any solid crystalline material is a glass, unless if it is in a glass transformation, natural materials are used in the manufacture of glass such as: sand, limestone, soda, feldspar, selenium, chromites, gypsum, and coal.
Glass Characteristics

Glass has three main properties:

  • Transparency:
    Glass is characterized by a high degree of homogeneous transparency. It allows light to pass from ultraviolet to infrared through. It also gives it the ability to break and reverse light; it has a refractive index between 1.467 and 2.179.

You know that there are various types of glass, it needs to be clear glass in order to have a clear transparency

  • Hardness and weakness:
    Although the glass is a transparent body that is fragile and easy to break, it has the ability to resist friction.
    The hardness of the glass varies according to its composition and components. The ratio of lime and silica directly controls the hardness and weakness of the glass.
  • Chemical resistance:
    Glass is a chemical resistant material, but it does not have the ability to resist fluoride and alkaline refractoriness.
Clear Glass Carrollton

The discovery of the glass:

Glass first began by a group of sailors, after they set fire to one of the sandy beaches with silica sand, there was a clear liquid that was not liquid before the heat with its solid nature, this was the first step in the discovery of glass.
Since then, the sailor has been introducing glass to various uses in his life. One of the most widespread uses of glass in ancient times was the manufacture of ornamental ceramics. The sailor exhibited the surfaces of sand grains mixed with soda and potash at high temperatures and also used ceramics in the fields of making beads and engravings Ornaments, by the second millennium, BC people began using glass as a real vessel. The Romans used it in the manufacture of windows, although it was not pure and clear glass. It was shaped like a flat slab and was used in the seventh century in some ancient churches.

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